The problem of gambling online casinos

The problem of gambling online casinos

The problem of gambling is widespread in almost all countries of the world, and every year the percentage of addicts is growing. Last year the World Health Organization officially recognized the disease of addiction to video and computer games, including network games, along with behavioral addictions such as nicotine, alcohol and drugs. The WHO decision means that millions of players will now be considered to be in need of therapy.

The peculiarity of gambling, is that the human body is affected by psychological, not physical factors. But this does not mean that it is easier to treat this disease – gaming leads to massive changes in the personality of a person, and they are in heavy forms almost irreversible. For example, 30 percent of gamblers may commit offences, in addition, 13 to 20 percent of such people may have intentions to commit suicide.

The problem of gambling online casinos

Dependence can develop in any person, if he initially does not understand the risks and treat gambling irresponsibly. Family factors also play a significant role in this. Many players admit that in their family one or both parents consumed alcohol or were dependent on gambling. The age of first experience of gambling also matters: most of the patients who seek help, first tried to play in childhood.

To make a diagnosis, a specialist must observe a person for a year. Treatment should last at least two years and be complex, multidisciplinary, combining the efforts and experience of a number of doctors: psychiatrist, narcologist, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker and other specialists. More often treatment and rehabilitation are carried out in outpatient conditions, in severe cases gamblers are treated in a hospital.

Prohibition cannot be allowed.
Naturally, the state will not be able to control each player, but it will create a certain framework in its competence. They primarily include “blacklists” of gamblers, which will operate for online casinos. A person can get into such a list at will or by court order.

As a limiting factor can be called the right of local authorities not to allow casinos in their region. The Ministry of Taxes and Levies can not issue a license to the gambling organizer, if the executive committee of the city or area in which it is planned to open an institution, did not give permission for this.

Several more measures will start to take effect from April 1. For example, all virtual gambling establishments will have to identify their customers. Identification can be done with an electronic digital signature or a web-ID procedure (an individual will need to hold an identity document in front of a web camera to confirm the accuracy of the information provided to him/her and compare his/her face with a photo in that document). In addition, the casino (including virtual casinos) will now be allowed only from the age of 21.